Each month of the school year, 102.3 WSUS and TransOptions will honor a student to be the “TransOptions Student of the Month”! Students are nominated for all different reasons each month, they might be very active in the community, outstanding in sports, excelling in academics, working around town, and many other reasons.  

Tell us about a special student that you know and every month, we’ll choose a student among all of the submissions to be honored as the “TransOption Student of the Month”. Each winning student will receive an Amazon Gift Card from TransOptions, a certificate of recognition and a chance to be on the morning show with Steve Andrews!

Nominate a student that you think is deserving of this award, by emailing Steve Andrews with a brief explanation of why you chose that particular student. Nominate your own child, a neighbor of friend’s child, or even just a local student you think is deserving of this honor.

Email Steve Andrews your nomination!

“Take Advantage of Our Advantage”

TransOptions Sponsors the Student of the Month Program 

Each month a Sussex County student will be recognized as a Student of the Month for their activities and accomplishments that support the environment.

The program is part of TransOptions'commitment to support environmental education in northwestern New Jersey schools.

TransOptions helps students learn about the environment while having fun! 

TransOptions offers free, in-class, environmental education programs to local schools.  We also sponsor two environmental education events, The Junior Solar Sprints and the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Model Car Challenge, where teams of students design, build and race model cars powered by alternative fuels. 

Visit www.TransOptions.org, email info@TransOptions.org  or call us at 973-267-7600 to nominate a Student of the Month or schedule a TransOptions environmental education program at your school.