Ever since I was a kid, the smell of bacon was good enough to wake me out of my blissful sleep.  Quickly growing up, I discovered that the delicacy has many uses in all meals, foods and dishes you would never associate it with.  As a youngster, I would get to the breakfast table and whip up some instant oatmeal as my quick power meal.  One time, I had reached over for some strips of bacon and one of them had accidentally landed into my hot oatmeal.  Feeling that I couldn't let good food go to waste, I broke up the strip of bacon into spoon sized morsels deep into the oatmeal.  I took one bite and I was hooked!  To some, it may sound gross or disgusting but to me, I had realized that bacon did indeed go great with not just my oatmeal, but with salads, steak, chicken, seafood, dessert, etc.

Stumbling on a website recently which inspired me to recall the story you just read, I wanted to share the link for a recipe for bacon wrapped pork tenderloins.  My taste buds are watering just thinking about it!

Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloins