We all have them.  Your friends and family will look at you strangely as you indulge in whatever your heart desires, despite the fact that it may not be fashionable or it may not be good for you.  I've put together a short list of my guilty pleasures.  Now don't laugh...you might have something similar to my tastes as well!

1. Pork Rinds - In some places, they're called chicharrones, but to me it's deep fried goodness containing mostly pork fat, except it's cooked to a crispy deep fried goodness.  Sometimes I like to kick back, watch a football or baseball game, or pop in a good action movie into my Blu-ray player and snack on a whole bag of them.  Easily found in the snack aisle of your local supermarket, they're a great alternative to the boring potato or corn chips.  I never did say that these things were good for you though, so be warned...

2. Pinball machines - With the advent of gaming systems, personal smartphones and electronic tablets, these machines have taken a backseat to electronic mainstream entertainment for those who want to lose themselves out of their world, even just for a few minutes.  As a young kid, my dad would take me, my brothers and some neighborhood pals to the local arcade to spend a few hours feeding coins into these various pinball games that had a lot of bumps, bells and whistles.  A friend of mine recently took me to a place in lower Manhattan where they had a good selection of pinball machines, some of which I had not seen in over 20 years.  And they all worked like a charm!  For one admission price, I played on all these pinball machines for a number of hours and I felt like that young kid again!

3. Record Shops - What?  Do those places still exist?  You are probably asking those questions and quickly responding that you now get your favorite music by either ordering online or purchasing your music via downloading sites.  But there is nothing more fulfilling than spending a lazy Saturday afternoon at an independent record shop where they sell many old records and CDs.  Even if you're not looking for anything in particular, just browsing through a seemingly endless supply of record jackets and compact disc jewel cases is very good for the soul if you are a music fan.  And the feeling you get of holding a vinyl record or a silver CD while reading the liner notes is such a nice, warm and fuzzy feeling that you could never replicate on purchasing a download of the same music.