Recently, I paid a visit to one of the many shore towns in New Jersey.  I stopped by Asbury Park and while I enjoy the smell of the ocean air, the sound of crashing waves and the sights of everything around, one place I used to love when I was a kid was the arcade.  From video games to air hockey to pinball...the arcade where I could spend a few dollars losing myself in those wonderful games, trying to best the high scores of a particular machine.  The Silverball Museum in Asbury Park is unlike any arcade down the shore.  While the typical arcade is fading away in favor of gaming systems and other forms of entertainment via tablets or smartphones, the Silverball Museum seeks to restore old video games and pinball machines, some dating all the way back to the early 1950s.  Each machine has a brief history of when it was created and what was going on in that moment in time.

Here are some photos of my recent visit to the Silverball Museum.  Trust me...if you love pinball and classic arcade games, you too will be spending many hours there!