It's the last full week of August and I barely got a chance to enjoy what summer had to offer.  Seriously?  Perhaps I need to move to someplace tropical or somewhere where I can regularly go to concerts at the outdoor venues.  I always find those to be the most entertaining time to see any act before they shut down for the season.  You don't find too many bands playing an outdoor location for 2 hours in 30 degree weather, which is why I function better during the spring and summer seasons.  Bethel Woods and PNC Bank Arts Center both had some great shows this year; I just never got around to checking them out on this go around.

Speaking of concerts, there have been some acts that are finding in this day and age of "instant information" that when you attend a show, more and more people in the audience are bringing their cell phones, maybe even two of them...fully charged in order to capture certain moments of an act's performance.  I remember back in the day before modern technology was easily in the palm of your hands that I got to enjoy a show without any distraction from someone using a cell phone to record performances, obstructing one's view and thus taking away the magic that was once appreciated in attending a show...that magic being to be a part of the show and absorbing everything the artists had to offer in their music.  I now realize how I missed out on just taking it all in and not worrying about capturing the footage just so I can post it up on Facebook minutes after it happened.  Yes, many of my friends wanted me to get some footage for them because they weren't able to attend a particular show and being the nice guy that I was, I agreed.  I really should have told them to go see the act if they wanted to see them perform so bad!

Next time I go see a concert, I'm turning off the cell phone and leaving the digital camera at home.  In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed your summer and the video that I am posting here is something I shot on my iPhone a few years ago while attending a Hall & Oates show at PNC Bank Arts Center, playing "Hot Fun In The Summertime" I wish I had just left my cell phone off and watched and heard it for myself and the folks that filled up that venue!