The crunchy noise that baby carrots make when you eat them or the smell that wafts through the building from reheating last night's salmon dish in the microwave.....these are just two of the foods that will trigger comments or down right annoy your co-workers when you sit around the lunchroom!

In the past, I've indulged in the silent enjoyment of eating hummus and even that no-noise cuisine triggered comments, but imagine your co-worker's reaction when you heat up the left over broccoli from last night's dinner or cut open into a freshly hard boiled egg! 

From microwaving popcorn a bit too long or reheating bacon and not bringing enough for everyone in the office....or the crunch of the rice cake, to the smell of tuna or the loud obnoxious sound and dribble effect of a whole apple....what is it that gets to you when you are taking that well deserved break?


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