Our public and parochial schools start in less than a week and the pressure is on to get the items purchased (and of course for a great deal!). 

While many of us are at this point in our lives yet, or many have lived through this.....there are many "must haves" for our children and topping the list wasn't what I expected!

Topping the list isn't the notebook, a protractor (do they still require this tool?), an eraser or even tissues.....it's the thermos!



Great to store not only liquids, but a hot lunch like soup, spaghetti or even breakfast for lunch, like hot oatmeal during winter!  See the list: http://www.greatschools.org/back-to-school/supplies/572-best-and-worst-back-to-school-purchases-ever.gs?page=all

What's your "must have" for back to school?



Photo courtesy:  gettyimages.com