Study after study shows that our cell phone, computer mouse and our remote control carry bacteria and germs!  Many if not all of us, own some sort of electronic devise and to get rid of the gross thought of how dirty your devise really's some help!

TV Screen:  stay away from household cleaners instead use a soft, dry, microfiber cloth...don't make the mistake I made and spray glass cleaner to clean it!

Computer Monitors / Laptop Screens / Tablet Screens / EBook:  Same as above and you can even use a tiny bit of purfied water on a cloth to wipe off the dust.

Keyboard:  This is where you'll find your crumbs from your morning bagel, dusty that accumulated over the winter months and various workplace particles.  It's recommended to use a can of compressed air and blow out between the keys, and you can use a soft brush to clean the yuck that's between the keys.

Last and certainly not least.....your cell phone!

Cell Phone:  All cell phones need a good cleaning!  Dampen a cloth with water, wipe it down or use a disposable wipe made specifically for cleaning electronics, then break out the q-tips and clean the nooks and crannies!

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