Saturday night I went to my 1st Mets game, and we had so much fun! Citi Fields is a beautiful place. Then, not only did the Mets win, but BOYZ II MEN rocked the house! They still sound great after all these years, and played ALL of their HITS! If you ever want to see Boyz II Men, (which I HIGHLY recommend) you can see where they're playing next by clicking here.

So then while telling my dear friend about it, BAM.  Here comes a MAMA BEAR with her FIVE CUBS right at my deck (while I'm on it.)  Here's MAMA BEAR right before she gave me one of those famous "bluff charges."  Thank goodness I went Skydiving, now these don't scare me as much.  However, I still respect!

Photo taken by a courageous Steve Allan.