I love spring but I don't love all the work that comes with it.  There are so many things to do both inside and outside of the house. The best way I handle it is a little at a time. The outside of most of my neighbors houses looks great. My house is a work in progress. Then there's the spring cleaning inside. Well, the folks at Bustle have come up with some ways to make Spring cleaning "fun and enjoyable." And today I'm sharing them with you.

1. Make it fun. Crank up your favorite tunes. Last weekend I cleaned up my mother's old record player and actually listened to some of my vinyl albums while I was cleaning. It was really enjoyable. This works.

2. Collect Random items you're not sure what to do with in a box. Save them for last.

3. Take care of one area at a time. If you jump from place to place you'll never get done.

4. Make a sell bin. Put things you don't want that still have value in a pile. Then try to make some money from them.

5. Reward Yourself. When you have finished your spring cleaning project for the day treat yourself to something nice. Maybe some ice cream or a latte. You've earned it.

Source: Bustle