Foods you might not know you can microwave

posted by Steve Andrews - 

I've tried some of these. They come out great in the microwave. 

1. Corn on the cob. My son showed me this. Add some butter and it's delicious

2. Ice Cream- a few seconds to make it softer and easier to eat

3. An egg. Scramble it and cook it in a mug.  You can call it an egg "mug" muffin.

4. Baked Potato- 4 to 5 minutes and ready to eat ( I love the way they come out)

5. Fresh Veggies. You can now buy fresh veggies in microwavable bags in the Produce Department.

6. Bacon. Lay a few strips on a paper towel then put them on a plate in the microwave. The paper towels soak up the grease nicely.

7.Lemon in water. Cleans up you microwave nicely.  Just wipe. 

Source: Refinery29



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