Foods you might not know you can microwave

I've tried some of these. They come out great in the microwave. 

1. Corn on the cob. My son showed me this. Add some butter and it's delicious

2. Ice Cream- a few seconds to make it softer and easier to eat

3. An egg. Scramble it and cook it in a mug.  You can call it an egg "mug" muffin.

4. Baked Potato- 4 to 5 minutes and ready to eat ( I love the way they come out)

5. Fresh Veggies. You can now buy fresh veggies in microwavable bags in the Produce Department.

6. Bacon. Lay a few strips on a paper towel then put them on a plate in the microwave. The paper towels soak up the grease nicely.

7.Lemon in water. Cleans up you microwave nicely.  Just wipe. 

Source: Refinery29



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