Our roads are more dangerous than ever

This really bothers me because this problem is preventable. There will always be car accidents but many times it's because of risks we are choosing to take. According to the National Safety Council 40,000 people died in car accidents last year.  A 6 percent increase over last year and 14 percent more than the year before.  Just trying to get to work or going to the store is more risky than ever. We're not even taking about how many thousand of people get seriously hurt either. So what are we doing that puts all of our lives at risk?

1. 64 percent admit to intentionally speeding

2. 47 percent are still texting behind the wheel. 

3. 13 percent admit to driving under the influence last year. 

I especially worry about my kids driving to school and work everyday.  My advice is to never text or call unless you are sure they're not driving. It can wait! Intentionally speeding is just dumb but it seems many young men think it's cool.  Just always remind yourself and your kids how fast a tragedy can happen if they are careless. Even if your words are in the back of there mind. I believe they do hear them and they're a little more careful.  


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