How to use your roses after Valentine's Day

I love to re-use things. These are some great ways to re-purpose the roses you got for Valentine's Day from the people at MommaMia. 

1. Let them dry out. Then put the roses in a vase and decorate with them.

2. Get Crafty- Make the petals into a cool design and frame them or just hang them in a window

3. Make potpourri- Just add spices and citrus to your dry petals and you'll have a room smelling garden fresh in no time.

4. Make something to clean with- just add a quarter cup of baking soda and a tablespoon of salt to a quarter cup of petals. You have a sweet smelling natural cleaning product.

5. Make your own Rosewater- Pour your leftover blooms in a spray bottle with water. Then spritz the scented water on your bed linens to make them smell fresh or use the water as a facial toner.  


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