Kids are now welcome at more fancy restaurants

If you're planning on going out to a fancy restaurant you might not need to find a sitter for the kids. Unless you want to have a night out without them. The New York Post is reporting more and more fancy restaurants are welcoming parents and kids these days. The main reason is economics.  Parents with kids usually take early reservations which often go unused. These parents are also very loyal to fancy restaurant who accommodate them. Consideration of other diners does still matter at fancy restaurants. Parents who decide to bring their kids have to make sure they'll behave so other patrons are not disturbed. Some parents feed their tots before arriving at the restaurant while other get there extra early so the child has a chance to get used to the surroundings.  Of course, if their child starts to act up a quick exit strategy is also part of the plan. We were very lucky when it came to taking our kids places. They always behaved so we never hesitated to take them with us when we wanted to.   So far my daughter is lucky too. My grand daughter Gracie is also very good in restaurants.  I have my own theory on this subject and it's pretty basic. If you teach your toddlers to behave at the dinner table at home. They should be able to behave at a restaurant.   


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