Kids can now take a high tech nap in high school

One of the things I did way to much of was falling asleep in class. Sometimes in high school and too many times in college. Now 4 high schools in New Mexico are offering stressed and tired students a place to nap.  We're not taking about a bed or cot here either.  Now there's something even better: High Tech Sleeping Pods. The pods feature a reclining chair and a sensory reduction dome that covers the head and entire body. When you press the start button relaxing music and soothing lights begin and help you fall asleep. Don't get too comfortable though, because after 20 minutes the pod gently vibrates and starts to play up beat tunes to wake up the student.  Here's the best part. The pods were purchased with a $128,000.00 Federal Grant!  I miss the good old days when quick nap in a boring class did wonders. Source KRQE  


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