The best time to buy airline tickets is....

As many of you know I am planning a trip to Los Angeles this summer to visit my cousin and his wife. I'll be checking to see if this really works.  Cheap Air's annual airfare survey looked at 921 million airfares and 2.9 million trips. Here's what you should do.

1. Purchase your tickets about 54 days before your trip.  Believe it or not the price of your ticket can change up to 71 times.

2. The day of the week you actually purchase tickets makes no difference in the price.

3. The day you actually fly does make a difference. Tuesday and Wednesday are the best days to fly. A trip on Sunday will cost the most. 

4. Prices are highest from 0 to 14 days before your trip. CheapAir calls that time period "The Hail Mary Zone!" 



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