Pros And Cons Of Business Being Pet Friendly

Should businesses be pet friendly?  Awesome Girlfriend Megan and I were enjoying yesterday's gorgeous weather at a dog friendly outdoor patio.  It was a local brewery, where we were enjoying the delicious craft beer, people watching, and the beautiful weather.  You know I LOVE animals, and have been doing my Adopt A Pet Of The Week every single Thursday at 3:45pm for 3 years.  I fully support businesses having the right to be animal friendly.  That being said, a nearby dog had an accident, and it was GROSS!  The owner did clean a bit of it up, then staff there also helped wipe it up --- it was messy and smelly.  Immediately after finishing our beer, we just had to leave.  This was not a normal doggy going number two accident, trust me!  Do you think businesses where people can eat and drink should allow animals?  You can see more pros and cons when you click here.  Feel free to discuss on facebook and message me,  


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