8 Ways For Me To Adult In The Kitchen?!?

True story alert.  This weekend I saw my parents and sister back in Boston.  My parents gave me a belated Easter gift bag.  While opening the bag, my loving Mother, Madre, said "Steve, I hear you in confused silence.  What are you opening that you don't know what it is?"  The answer: a paring knife.  Apparently one uses that to chop vegetables and onions.  Debatable as to when I will use this, but options are great!  Oh, they gave me an egg whisk to help my challenges with making scrambled eggs.  My sister and mother kept yelling at me "You're scrambling eggs, NOT waving a wand to make bubbles!  You can see more about 8 signs that you're an adult in the kitchen by clicking here....yeah, I fail miserably and this!


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