We Went To A Bar Rescue Spot!

Bar Rescue has always been one of my favorite shows.  I love watching and learning about the science behind bars.  Jon Taffer is one of my idols!  I have now hooked Awesome Girlfriend Megan on the show, and for years I have wanted to visit this bar called "Libad's," in New Bedford, Ma.  We finally went and met Eddie who was on the show.  He was fired for drinking out of his boot behind the bar, so Eddie did a selfie with us holding up his sneaker.  We will return there for sure!  You can see an AWESOME AND HILARIOUS spoof Jon Taffer did of Bar Rescue where he turns a Petting Zoo into a sports bar on Conan O'Brien by clicking here.  You can enjoy more of my comedy, travels, and shenanigans when following me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat @SteveAllanRadio



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