It's cancelled, but now it's back again...

Once in a while, a television show captures your attention and you faithfully follow the show from beginning to end.  But what if there was no end?  Such as the case for many cancelled TV shows, leaving you on an eternal cliffhanger, with only your imagination as your way to tie up that loose end because the show went off the air.  NBC's "Timeless" had a great following, including yours truly, and earlier last week I was disheartened with the news that there would be no second season.

But alas...just a few days later (and maybe a "time travel correction"), NBC decided to bring it back for a second season!  This usually doesn't happen and in such swift action.  Needless to say, I am elated and look forward to new episodes in the future.  And I do mean that in the literal sense!

See the link below from website for more details.

NBC uncanceled Timeless, thanks to pressure from fans

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