The tradition continues!

How many of us headed to the shore for the weekend after prom? Come on, be honest. How many of us partied like it was our job? Again, be honest. It's tradition to head to the Jersey Shore and let loose with your friends as a last BIG hoorah before graduation and college.  I did and so did the generations before me. Well now it's  my son and his friends that are keeping the tradition alive and I have to be honest, I was not happy about it. lol  I grew up at the shore and so has my son so why was I so uptight about this weekend?  

According to New Jersey Family the word TRUST is among the many reasons parents say "Yes" even though we sit with pits in our stomachs all weekend.  Read about the pros and cons.  

I feel sorry for my parents, I understand now what I must have put them through. 


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