Weekend Of My Family Visiting Me In Jersey

As we know, entertaining is NOT my strong point.  I break out in sweats and hives because this is such a major weakness for me.  Below are the pictures of how I had my place ready for them.  I had an ice cold beverage waiting for them after their four hour drive to see me, snack tray (that I ALWAYS do when having new company,) watermelon slices, and cookies!  It also took our whole family to team up and put sheets on our tricky air mattress.  When my family gets to hang with Awesome Girlfriend Megan and my Jersey friends --- I'm on Cloud 9.  Okay, I'm also called a "dictator," because I keep everyone on a very strict schedule during their vacation.  I always say, "Everyone will have fun whether they like it or not, as long as they stick to my strictly regimented schedule!"

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