My Weekend In 6 Pictures...

Nothing beats when my parents visit me in Jersey.  My parents are also my best friends, so when home visits me I get very excited.  Getting Awesome Girlfriend Megan and my parents together is always fun and entertaining!  My loving parents are never short on embarrassing stories about me to tell her, lol.  My Jersey friends are so wonderful taking time out of their busy lives to see them.  For the first time ever, I cooked for them!  Okay, just premade bacon wrapped scallops, but still delicious and successful!  I didn't keep my parents as busy as usual with my strictly regimented vacation schedule, but was so happy to take them to High Point Monument and Buttermilk Falls!  Those two points are my new favorite places in Jersey, they are just so beautiful and majestic!  I was proud to tell my parents they have now been to the top of New Jersey!


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