16 Signs You're A Little Type A: This Might Be Me!

posted by Steve Allan -

16 signs that show I'm Type A.  Okay, I'm not 16 out of 16 on this list.  I'm NOT a catastrophist!  So if I'm basically 14-15 out of 16 for being Type A, does that mean I'm it?  LOL!  You can see the list that has everyone at our radio station (especially our morning guy Steve Andrews,) teasing me by clicking here.

Okay, I'll even admit to how my score.

1-yes. 2-yesyesyes. 3-yes. 4-YES. 5-YES. 6-YES. 7-NO! 8-No. 9-YES. 10-yes. 11-yes. 12-YES. 13-YES. 14-YES. 15-YES. 16-YES.  WE make it happen!

Photo by Pixabay



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