Taking Meg To Her 1st Football Game: Success!

I took Awesome Girlfriend Megan to her 1st ever football game, and it was a major success.  We watched our Pats just barely beat out the Jets in a hard fought game.  For as long as I live, I'll never forget the look on Meg's face when she saw the field and players for her first time.  We are both diehard football fans, so for us this was basically our Disney World.  I really do believe the philosophy that memories and experiences are so much more important than material possessions.   This game gave Tom Brady more victories in NFL history than anyone else, so he'll probably always remember this game too! Who's the weirdo that gave his girlfriend this as a Christmas present nearly 3 months early?  #ThisGuy #LetsGoPats   

Also, here are my thoughts on "the call."  It was definitely a garbage call.  I didn't think it should be a Touchdown, but down at the half yard line, resulting in 3rd and Goal for the Jets.  I did NOT think it should have resulted in a touchback for the Pats, however, although enormous, that one play was not why the Pats won and Jets lost.  


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