My Weekend In 5 Pictures...

Excellent weekend to get errands done, since next weekend I'm in my dear friends Nate and Lauren's wedding and we're doing Stuff The Bus.  This weekend's big highlights were going to our besty Shawn's Birthday party extravaganza and taking Awesome Girlfriend Megan out for a nice steak lunch.  Can you believe she's never been to a Longhorn Steakhouse in her life?  Apparently they're not as common here in Jersey.  My Grandfather, Pop Pop gave me a gift card 2 Christmases ago, knowing there's a Longhorn 5 minutes away from my parents in Boston.  Well, the closest Longhorn to me in Jersey is, you guessed it, a 45 minute drive.  Well worth it!  Our filet was spectacular, fries were terrific, salad was tasty, and most importantly?  Meg LOOOOOVED her yummy red sangria while putting up with my behavior.  


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