My Weekend In Pictures, Wedding, Food Drive, and..

(This might be a record length typing for me, sorry.)  What an amazing weekend that I'll never forget.  I have had the honor of being a Groomsmen probably a dozen times, but this was my first time in a few years.  My besty Nate Mumford I met years ago when we worked together at our first Boston radio station.  We both grew up through the ranks of radio, in life together.  Nate and I were always pushing each other to be at our best.  He is one of those best friends who always knows how to make you smile and laugh, even during your darkest days.  Lauren hasn't just simply been "my friend's girlfriend," no she has always been much more than that.  This bride has always been so caring and sweet, often coordinating with me to surprise him on one of my out of state visits.  Lauren also gets Bride Hall Of Fame honors in my book, because on her wedding day: it rained, cold rain, took a ton of pictures outside, the shuttle buses were over 45 minutes late thus delaying the start of her wedding almost a full hour, her shoe broke and they had to glue it back together Cinderella style - and she still took it all in stride, never complaining.  She knew to not worry about the small things, teaching us great lessons.

Awesome Girlfriend Megan and I had a wonderful time at the wedding.  This was the first time in my life I've ever had a wedding date and had someone to slow dance with, so that was pretty cool.  Thursday I did a double shift, then late night out of state Rehearsal dinner, then 12 hour shift for our Stuff The Bus Radiothon Friday, wedding Saturday, then back to wrap up Stuff the Bus 12-5 on Sunday.  Thank you for helping out, we had another major success.

btw, THANK YOU to Co-Best Men Jake and Dan, along with Groom Nate for officially welcoming me into being one of The Boys during Jake's Best Man Speech.  #BlessedAndKindaScared

Oh, and credit to Lauren and Nate for this special and unique Groomsmen gift.  I now have a bobblehead in my honor.  I'm honored and appreciative ---- though I'm WAY hotter than my bobblehead!  Some think my bobblehead looks like Wayne Newton, some think Mark Wahlberg.  You can judge!  #BetterNateThanNever #Finally

My bobblehead is on the right, and I'm WAY hotter in person!


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