Should you wash your car in the winter?

Now that the sub-zero temperatures and snow have set in Sussex County, it's looking and feeling more like winter.  With that comes the condition of our vehicles.  After a snowstorm followed by single digit readings on the outdoor thermometer, we tend to go out and drive around to see the sights, go to work or go shopping.  But what should you do when your car collects dirt and grime as a result of salt & sand laid down the icy surfaces to help us move around?

One would think to NOT wash your car all winter long and just wait for the spring. However, that would be the worst thing to do as all the salt and sand that was collected from your driving and the driving of other vehicles would stick with the ice and eventually rust and corrode if left on there too long. Throwing a pot of boiling water will do you no good either as you would potentially do damage and crack your windows or worse, your windshield.

The website has a great article and important tips to keeping your vehicle maintained and washed more frequently during these long, brutal winter months.  Check it out on the link below; you might be doing a world of good for your vehicle and when spring time hits, you'll be ready for those great road trips again!

Why Washing Your Car In Winter Is Important

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