My Weekend In Just A Few Pics...

We need a weekend from our weekend!  It was a tough weekend, as we are mourning the loss of our friend, Dr. Mike Ramieri from Advanced Veterinary Care.  I have been so touched, quite often moved to tears at the positive feedback we've been receiving all weekend regarding our on air and online tributes.  Mike has been an amazing friend, who has helped thousands over many years.  We continue to pray for his wife Terri, and their 3 young, beautiful kids.

Friday night started off with a HUGE accomplishment ---- NO MORE CAST!!!  My fractured wrist is healed, and now we can start the next phase of Physical Therapy and rehabbing it.  Just little things, like getting dressed, opening doors to get into buildings has already been so much easier now that my arm is in a brace instead of cast.  Now I can already type MUCH easier at work yaaaaaay!  

This weekend involved Awesome Girlfriend Megan and I going with our buddy Bobbi to a sushi place, although none of us did sushi at the time.  They made me try to eat beef teriyaki with chopsticks an hour after I got my cast off ----- I'm rusty with chop sticks even when I have full use of both hands!  Later Friday night we enjoyed drinks with our buddies Carrie, Sally and Doug on Campus.  Saturday we had fun at Subaru World Of Newton, then saw our buddy Melissa Saturday early afternoon, my our besty Shawn from the radio station Saturday night, then we watched skiers from my deck for a little while Sunday late morning.  Not as many skiers as we would have liked, but still one of our favorite things to do.  Then of course Sunday night I watched an hour or so of The Grammy's before falling asleep.  While I didn't always find the show exciting, some of the performances were terrific.  I'm a Pop Nerd who prefers when they play the hits.

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