Vernon Couple Suing Town Over Their Dog Impound

Lots of action happening in my Jersey hometown of Vernon these days!  Wow.  A Vernon couple is reportedly suing the town over their dog being impounded.  This case made headlines in 2016 and is now being buzzed about all over Sussex County after an incident between the dog and mailman, animal control officers, etc.  

I'm also just learning that Vernon is now planning to enact a $700 license fee for dogs being deemed vicious.  Remember, on the surface this appeared to be dog breed discrimination, but after further review that doesn't seem to be the case.  The dogs who (fair or unfair,) that would require a $700 license fee have already had incidents and require more town resources / taxpayer dollars to be used.  We always say quite often the wrong side of the leash gets blamed in some of these incidents.  I will say it seems more fair for the owners to be charged for these resources as opposed to other taxpayers.  You can read the latest updates on these situations by clicking here.

One of My Adopt A Pets, Not The Dogs In Discussion. Photos by Stefan Glazer


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