Big Game Recipes In 30 Mins Or Less? Thank you!

I'm very excited to host my first ever Super Bowl Party Sunday night.  Awesome Girlfriend Megan loves to entertain, thank goodness because I usually do not.  I have been so blessed to enjoy two Patriots Super Bowls in my Jersey tenure of 4 years.  Both parties I went to were absolutely terrific with wonderful friends, even though they weren't Patriots fans themselves would still support me and my besties Sally and Doug.

Awesome Girlfriend Megan will be able to enjoy the game with me this year, thank goodness!  This will be our first Patriots Super Bowl together, last year due to logistics we had to be part and it was tough.  I'm sick to my stomach with excitement and realllllly anxious for this.  Philly is a very dangerous, talented team who matches up against us really well.  If Carson Wentz their star QB was playing, they would be rightfully favored over us.  Our spread figures to be similar to the last Pats party I had a couple of weeks ago.  Seared Ahi Tuna (I'm gonna try to make that without Meg's help, and I'm still basically one handed, YIKES,) mini hot dogs in blankets, chips, pretzels, and boneless chicken tenders using my crockpot for our first time ever!  That's right, my brand new 4 year old crockpot will be used by me for the first time ever!  Right before a crockpot causes a fire and tragedy in This Is Us.  #WhatCanPossiblyGoWrong?  

You can see plenty of well researching Super Bowl snacks that can be prepared in less than 30 minutes by clicking here.  I'm open to any/all tips and help on this project!  

Photo by Pixabay


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