My Family. My Everything. My weekend in pictures.

Success!  My parents visited me this weekend for their first time in Jersey during winter months in 4 YEARS!  When my family helped me move from Boston to Jersey just over 4 years ago, we were in an arctic cold snap where the high temperature was exactly 0.  Naturally after that scarring for life experience, it took me several years and at times begging to get them back here in Jersey.  We were able to enjoy watching skiers from my deck on President's Day Weekend, one of my many favorite parts about living in Vernon where I do.  I still nickname The Condos as "Campus."  Saturday night Awesome Girlfriend Megan and I took my parents out to meet up with some of my friends, which they ready for after our grilling experience.

My first grilling experience was a major success!  We did steaks on my brand new outdoor electric grill, and inside Meg and Madre (nickname for my Mommy) cranked up some asparagus and roasted potatoes.  Success!  It was quite an experience grilling outside when the temperature was around 30.  Just flipping the steaks over you would lose almost 100 degrees in grill temperature, so you had to be patient and add on a couple of minutes to the recommended cooking time.  

Saturday night we saw friends, then Sunday we did lunch, and then Sunday night just chill night in with my parents watching The Winter Olympics on TV, while enjoying skiers from my deck.

Overall amazing weekend with my family.  I've said quite often that my parents are my best friends.  We're very close, and it's always hard not getting to see them as much as I would like.  I still return back home very 4 weeks or so, and we are usually lucky enough to get two visits from them during the beautiful Jersey summers.  Only thing missing from our wonderful weekend is my Wicked Awesome Sister Suzanne who was at home in Boston working her 3 jobs (I know, such a slacker, right?)  That's alright, she'll be back up on our mountains with us soon again for sure.  


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