Most Popular Cocktails By State - And More...

They have come out with a list of the most popular cocktails by state.  They used google search analytics to figure all of this out, and I'm not so sure.  Do I need to get out more?  I have lived here in Jersey for 4 years, and can't remember the last time someone near me ordered a Pina Colada.  I grew up in Boston, where gin and tonics are definitely popular but most popular?  I'm not so sure about that one either.  Not many gin and tonics are ordered in bulk at Fenway Park or Gillette Stadium, believe me!  You can see the handy dandy map of most popular cocktails by state by clicking here.

Curing smartphone addiction tips.  I must admit, most weekends it's an effort for me trying to unplug and unwind a little bit.  My radio career has me on call 24/7, and I always have to be plugged in knowing what's happening.  When it comes to social media, sometimes I'll post immediately in the moment, but usually not.  I try very hard to take in the moments, but also want to show off the fun we're having too.  Tips on how to cure your smartphone addiction, like exiting apps soon after you post, can be seen by clicking here.

This story shows pets getting in the way of relationships.  Are you kidding me?  Can pets be challenging?  Absolutely!  Some of these stories I think are more about the people in these relationships than the pets.  You can click on this link and tell me what you think, am I wrong?

Ever wonder why little kids LOVE Elmo?  My niece Bella just turned 10, but during her infant era Elmo was absolutely KING.  I nicknamed Elmo "The Franchise," because of his insane power.  Did you know that red is usually the first color that babies can see?  You can click here to see scientific reasons behind loving Elmo.

Last but certainly not least, they say wine can absolutely be part of a healthy diet!  Wooohoo, bring on the red red wine!  You can see the story backing up my desires by clicking here. :)


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