Sussex Tech Evacuated After Bomb Hoax. Ridiculous!

This irritates me to no end.  Yesterday, right after I wrote about a neat story on Sparta schools and police working together on strengthening their security measures, I saw so many of my friends posting on social media that they had to pick their kids up from Sussex County Technical School.  You can see my story yesterday on Sparta schools and police improving their security system by clicking here.

Sussex Tech was evacuated after a bomb hoax.  Please allow me to repeat myself: THROW THE BOOK AT THESE PEOPLE.  When I was in high school, the Columbine shooting happened.  Every single kid in my school knew that threats like that are no laughing matter, definitely not a worthy prank at all.  Everyone is on high alert right now, rightfully so.  After the recent terrible tragedy in Parkland, Florida, many of us are searching for answers.  If when I was in high school every single kid knew not to make threats or jokes about these situations --- then kids growing up now who have seen this so much more DEFINITELY know better.  Throw the book at them.  This puts everyone on edge more, while also wasting our taxpayer dollars.  There is simply no good reason at all for anyone to make these threats / hoaxes.  You can see more about the clearing out process required by our local law enforcement authorities by clicking here.

As I wrote this week, not only are our property taxes the highest in America, but Sussex County's average property tax bill is right in the middle of the pack.  You can click here and see that story.  Our taxes are already high enough, right?

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