Who Should Pay On The 1st Date? Me of course!

In 2018, the debate of course continues as to who should pay on a first date.  To me this is a no brainer, no matter what year.  I say that it's not old fashioned, but instead chivalrous for the guy to pay for his date.  If the girl hypothetically picks to bring me somewhere out of my wheel house or somewhere above my means, then I'm okay with letting her pay.  I'm all for equality!  They're saying 78% believe it's on the guy, so I'm actually with the majority for a change.  It's still tough for me to believe that in May, Awesome Girlfriend Megan and I are approaching our two year anniversary, a world record for me.  This clearly speaks to how Awesome not only she is, but her patience!  On May 17th, 2016 we went on our first official date.  I ironically met her when she and one of her Awesome daughters were rescued pet foster parents, and brought in my Pets Of The Week that day.  Was it love at first sight?  Absolutely NOT.  We were mortified because I was expecting 4 kittens, and instead one by one out came 4 full grown cats, who weren't all that cute nor friendly.  When I ran back into Meg at my 1st 5K a couple months later, we were still joking about our first meeting.  Then, we soon went on our first date to Mohawk House in Sparta.  Our first date was a success, and the rest is history!  (Hopefully always great history!)

Studies are showing that TV Binge watching can make you depressed and hurt your sleeping efforts?  Yikes.  I think part of it is the sadness and emptiness when the series ends, just like how I feel after football season ends.  Granted I feel much worse when my team loses the Super Bowl, but nevertheless.  Sigh.  You can see the study by clicking here.

Did Amazon really NOT have to pay any taxes?  To me Amazon seems to be doing as well if not better than anyone, and they're not paying taxes?  That makes me start to give brick and mortars another chance.  Convenience is still the trend that will never die, but this story is a big eye opener to me.  You can click here to see why they didn't have to pay taxes.  Wouldn't that be nice?

Is a school really banning kids from playing in the snow?  This can't be for real, right?  Imagine these kids out in the work force?  Yikes!  You can learn more about this school banning kids from snow clicking here.

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