Delicious Food + Drink, GREAT Friends.

What a fantastic weekend!  I was able to get Awesome Girlfriend Megan on Campus, which is always a major victory.  Friday night we started off with wonderful steaks and a ton of delicious red wine.  Awesome Girflriend Megan and I hung out with our besties, Carrie and Jasen.  Phenomenal food, drinks, with even better friends.

Saturday, the self challenge had been accepted.  While Meg and I originally wanted to have a larger cookout at my place, we quickly realized with the massive storm happening Friday, that likely wouldn't be possible.  We then decided to just have two of our besties over for this cookout experiment, JG and TG.  They were very nervous and skeptical upon learning that this would be my second time ever using my brand new outdoor electric grill.  The results?  BEST BURGERS EVER!  How did we make this magic happen?  I'll reveal all of my secrets because I want you to be soooo happy too!  To have a one pound burger be that juicy, and tasty, is simply magical!

FRESH ground beef, which I purchased from my great friend Ty and her family's farm right on 94.  Then, JG gave me the tip of putting a little bit of butter in the middle of these burgers, helping it stay juicy.  I used the Longhorn steakhouse seasoning that Meg gave me for my birthday.  I've learned after my two times using the grill, if entertaining, use 2 doses of my seasoning on each side so to add flavor but not overwhelm, and if it's just me and Meg I'll be going for 3 doses which should replicate that fantastic Longhorn flavor perfectly.  Despite what Steve Andrews says, my beautiful grill is NOT cute!!! LOL

During the weekend, Meg and I also made breakfast, this was my first attempt at whisking eggs in over 3 months.  Remember, my fractured wrist set back my cooking adventures from mid December until just a few weeks ago.  Whisking is still a challenge to me, but thanks largely to Meg's help breakfast came out great.  

Then, Sunday early afternoon came and Meg had to return back to her Awesome Daughters.  I'm grateful for the time I did get with her.  We wrapped it up with delicious ice cold beers at our local Irish Pub in Franklin, and were getting ready to leave.  Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted Peter our Manager friend pouring a terrific pint of Guinness (which is a challenge for many in Jersey,) and putting a shamrock design in the foam!  Not many can pull that major feat.  I ordered a round of Guinness poured by him, and he put the shamrock in our Guiness pints, making me and most importantly, Awesome Girlfriend Megan very happy.


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