Newton Mayor Won't Resign, And Gossip Can Be Good?

The biggest story is our upcoming storm, another Noreaster.  Many are predicting we could get 10-15 inches of wet, heavy snow in Sussex County, NJ.  Normally these aren't a nightmare in March, knowing these snow storms will come in like a lion and go out like a lamb.  In this case, where many have already been without power since Friday, people are extremely frustrated.  I still see their frustrations on social media from my friends who have been struggling without power - even those with generators for backup - daily.  Now the power outage situation is going to likely become even worse after this upcoming storm.  UGH!  Shout out again to the local businesses who have been helping them through this tough time.  You can see my shout out to them and where to find them so we can continue to support these businesses when you click here.

Newton Mayor Wayne Levante is refusing to resign amid a controversy that started over his social media post.  I hate to admit this is my first time learning of the term censure.  This basically means to express disapproval, which is what the Newton Town Council reportedly did last night.  Many residents attended and made great points.  I love it when voters get involved to make a difference!  You can see some comments from those supporting and those speaking out against the Newton Mayor by clicking here.  As someone who works in the media, I'm definitely annoyed that while citing his rights for freedom of speech, the Mayor reportedly tried to demand disciplinary action against the reporter for breaking this story.  You're kidding me, right?  The election is May 8th in Newton, and the Mayor is seeking reelection.  I feel that the voters should decide whether or not he retains his position.  

This study says that gossiping about your friends can actually be healthy?  I think there's a fine line between playfully teasing, and gossiping.  You can see that study here.  My friends are probably gossiping about how I never ever expressed any interest in grilling nor cooking until I met Awesome Girlfriend Megan.  Did you see how delicious my burgers came out?  You can see them by clicking right here.  

I of course hope someday to move in with Awesome Girlfriend Megan.  You can see things couples learn after they move in together by clicking here.  Some would disagree with my stance that I want us to live together, but not until after all of her Awesome Daughters are 18.  This will be an adjustment for me, being a career bachelor, to have just one roommate, let alone more than that!  I'm always dreaming of the day, coming home from work to Meg.  There are days when I let her borrow my key and beat me home to my place, and that feeling is Awesome.  #Blessed.


UPDATE: Here's an example of people being frustrated with the current power outage situation.  This is a press release we just received from Vernon Police Department.

PRESS RELEASE: Terroristic Threat toward Utility Company

On 3/5/2018 the Vernon Police Department was contacted by a security investigator from JCP&L regarding threats received at one of their call centers. It was reported that Robert Winter, age 63 of the Glenwood section of Vernon Township had called the call center to complain about the fact he was still without electric service.

During the call Mr. Winter quickly became agitated and threatened to kidnap a JCP&L employee. Mr. Winter also indicated that he knows how to make bombs and he would blow up a sub-station so no one would have power. Ptl. Palmisano obtained a recorded copy of this telephone conversation from JCP&L security.

After contacting the Sussex County Prosecutors Office, Mr. Winter was arrested at his residence without incident. Mr. Winter has been charged with 3rd Degree Terroristic Threats and has been lodged in the Sussex County Jail.

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