Oroho Working On Bipartisan Small Biz Tax Help Bill

My best wishes to you staying safe and warm during yet another March Nor'easter.  

Senator Steve Oroho, who I ironically just ran into in Franklin last weekend, is working on a bipartisan tax bill aimed at helping small businesses with their exemptions.  The new tax bill has changed cap limits for homeowners, and also small businesses too.  Without me getting too political, I just want to say the word "bipartisan," ALWAYS excites me.  I'm a huge fan of all parties working together on solutions, whether or not they're perfect.  I get so fatigued when politicians and people just simply vote along their party lines no matter the situation.  

While seemingly complicated, this bill could help small businesses.  I LOVE small businesses.  My first job was at a small business independently owned paint store, where I worked for 7 wonderful years.  Did sniffing paint kill some of my brain cells?  That's a discussion for another day, lol.  Here in Sussex County, we have so many important small businesses that keep Jersey and America pumping.  You can see more about this "irsproof," bill that they're working on by clicking here.

I always get a kick out of these "how you can tell about meeting your soul mate," stories, because to me they're not real.  Call me a cynic, but I don't believe in soul mates.  I believe in love, and that relationships are a ton of hard work.  Relationships are an enormous amount of hard work, especially if you're my Awesome Girlfriend Megan putting up with me all the time.  You've seen her be so patient repeatedly trying to teach me cooking basics, right?  You can see the story from Bustle which I think is just plain silly, by clicking here.

Studies are now showing that opioids are no better than Tylenol for chronic pain?  That is GREAT news.  We did our first ever Opioid Epidemic Town Hall in January that was simulcasted across all three of our radio stations.  The opioid epidemic has hit our country hard, especially here in Sussex County.  We see it in the news daily.  By clicking here you can see the article.  Hopefully studies like this can go a long way in helping.  

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