Are we Redneck Country? Plus how much snow we got.

A Morristown man fled the scene of an accident in Sparta because according to police reports, he claimed to be scared in redneck country.  Are you kidding me?  He thinks that Sparta is redneck country?!  I definitely would not consider Sparta to be redneck country.  The man also failed field sobriety tests, maybe that's what clouded his judgement!  Do you think Sparta / Sussex County is Redneck Country?  You can see more about this story, and what they charged the guy with by clicking here.

Amazon is bringing another one thousand jobs to Jersey.  You know I'm always happy to report on situations where Jersey is gaining jobs as opposed to losing them.  Which American city will get the jackpot of an Amazon Headquarters is still up for grabs, but in the meantime Amazon keeps building on their presence in Jersey, and I'm happy to see that.  Are these Amazon plants creating as many jobs as the retail brick and mortars which they're replacing?  Definitely not, but if the jobs weren't coming to this state, they would be going to another state.  You can click here and see Amazon's increasing Jersey presence.  Maybe it's our taylor ham?

So many of my friends admit to this, and I haven't done this yet.  Drunk online shopping!  I'm starting to feel left out --- maybe I'll start this weekend?  Thank goodness I haven't taken up this expensive hobby, and they're saying that Gen X does this more than Millennials.  Nearly half of all people who drink do this?  You can see the results of this trend sweeping the nation by clicking here.  Does this really total $30 BILLION?  

They have come out with a chart of how much snow we received by town with this most recent March Nor'Easter, and I completely disagree.  They're claiming that Vernon received only 15 inches of snow, I think we ended up with 21.  I have friends in Vernon who measured 23 inches, so there's a 10 inch discrepancy?  Maybe the National Weather Service is still tallying as we speak?  You can see how much your town allegedly got by clicking here.

...and this was just sent to us from The Sussex County Office Of Emergency Management regarding warming centers and charging stations.

SUSSEX COUNTY WARMING CENTERS AND CHARGING STATIONS MARCH 8, 2018NEWTON, NJ - The Sussex County Office of Emergency Management announces that the County libraries are open as warming centers and charging stations as follows:

Main Library (Frankford Township) 8:30am – 5:00pm;

Dennis Branch (Newton) 9am – 5pm;

Dorothy Henry (Vernon Township) 9am – 5pm;

Franklin Borough Library 12pm – 8pm;

E. Louise Childs (Hopatcong Borough) 9am - 5pm;

Sussex-Wantage 9am – 5pm

Internet services are available at the libraries via open Wi-Fi or public computers.#####

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