Post Football and the fate of pre-determined gear

As an unashamed Philadelphia Eagles fan, I was only too happy to travel halfway through New Jersey just to get my SuperBowl LII Champions gear a couple of days after the big win.

But let's face it...after the end of a big championship game, the shirts and hats with the team's logo suddenly appear as the players immediately celebrate by wearing their new gear. Sporting goods stores also open their doors 1 hour after the victory for the fans to gobble up their winning team's apparel. However, it seems obvious that this apparel was pre-printed and made prior to the Eagles' huge win.

So what happens to the pre-printed gear of the New England Patriots shirts and hats declaring them champions? Well, the stories that have been tossed around for years was that the losing team's shirts were immediately sent to some third world country for those that needed clothing the most. That is true to a point, however the NFL partnered with a charitable organization to facilitate this. The MLB at one time destroyed the pre-printed losing team's gear because they didn't want to see them wind up on eBay or Craigslist, however they have also taken it upon themselves to partner up with someone to make sure the needy get those apparel and they too wind up in some far away land. has an article explaining what exactly happens to the losing team's "champions" gear once the big game is over.  Check out the link below!

Want to know where all that Super Bowl LII Champion Patriots gear is going?


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