My Weekend In Pictures

My weekend in pictures.  Friday night was out for fun times with my besty Jasen.  I was called into work because we had power issues with our Max 106.3 sister station, and needed to get everything up and running for our iHeartRadio Music Awards.  I was able to check on the problems from home after a fun night out, so that was one huge victory.  

Saturday, Awesome Girlfriend Megan and I surprised her youngest daughter, Amanda.  We took her from Hackettstown up to here, where she enjoyed a couple shirley temples at our favorite Franklin irish pub.  She enjoyed delicious looking shirley temples, while Awesome Girlfriend Megan and I enjoyed a couple of tasty Sam Adams Cold Snaps.  I'm going to be so sad when Sam Adams switches over to Summer Ale from Cold Snap --- Cold Snap is so refreshing.  As my Boyz II Men would say, not to hard, not too soft.  We then took a big step: Amanda was able to see my bachelor pad!  Meg's two older Awesome Daughters were able to see my place a couple of months ago, now it was Amanda's turn.  Mountain Creek opened up Granite on Saturday and I was ecstatic!  Watching skiers from my deck is one of the best things, ever!  Granted Amanda was a normal 14 year old girl --- bored and cold after 2 minutes even though we made her hot cocoa from my Keurig lol.  All good.  I gave Amanda a tour of my place and showed her my bedroom, where I have my "Radio Wall."  That's where I keep my autograph from Adele, and some pictures of me with artists I have been lucky enough to meet during my radio career.  You could see Amanda's jaw drop when she saw the Throwback picture of me with Maroon 5's Adam Levine, and gasped "YOU are so lucky!!!"  Amanda is absolutely right, I am lucky.

We then went from my place on Campus in Vernon to Hackettstown.  Meg had the girls this weekend, so I went to Hackettstown and joined them.  Saturday night, we did a chill night in with the girls and watched I, Tonya.  Allison Janney won an Oscar for her role as Tonya's Mom in this film and you can quickly see why.  The movie was okay, there are just so many other things I would rather do with two hours of time than that.

We then went to downtown Hackettstown for the calm before the storm.  Yesterday was Hackettstown's 10th annual Saint Patrick's Day Parade!  This means large crowds and a ton of energy.  Meg and I went to our favorite Htown dive where I get my nuclear wings, enjoying the energy.  We were able to bounce before the crowds were too intense, but everyone was in great spirits.  As much as St. Paddy's Day can be amatuer hour at so many places, I do love that it's basically a rite of spring.  I'm excited to take Meg back home to my family for our annual St. Patrick's Day bash.

Last night, I was able to see my friend JG for a quick drink, then watch our iHeartRadio Music Awards.  Ed Sheeran proved once again, he can sing from even a street corner and sound phenomenal.  Awesome Girlfriend Megan of course was a huge fan of his performance.  Maroon 5 was fun, Bon Jovi were enjoying themselves, and I was so happy to see Eminem perform!  While watching Maroon 5 perform last night, I remembered Awesome Daughter Amanda looking at the pic of me with Adam Levine saying I'm "lucky."  She's absolutely right.

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