Hackettstown Teen Charged: Good!

A 17 year old Hackettstown girl may spend a year in a juvenile facility for allegedly lying to police about being abducted earlier this month.  Good!  I don't know if she needs to go away for a year, but this girl better pay consequences for her actions.  Directly resulting from her lies, Hackettstown had to spend much more in resources.  Awesome Girlfriend Megan quite often takes me to the Dunkin Donuts near where this girl claimed to be abducted.  This is in a very busy, high traffic part of town.  Not to sound cynical, but immediately we knew the chances of a 17 year old getting abducted in that location, without anyone seeing anything, were very slim.  While I hope this girl pays the consequences for her actions, she probably also needs some help, and I'm hopeful she gets that too.  Lying about abductions is not a funny prank, that's for sure.  You can see more about her getting charged by clicking here.

Massages are good for you?  No kidding!  My back has been bad for over a year and a half now.  Stress goes right to my neck, shoulders and back, and the last couple years have brought us some adversity.  The only thing really helping at times is when I get a great deep tissue massage.  You can see more benefits of getting a massage when you click here ---- I already knew these benefits!  Improved circulation, lower anxiety, and so many more!

Ditching heels for sneakers?  I have many chick friends who do this practice, where they wear sneakers to work, then switch into heels once they're indoors.  To support women, I won't be wearing high heels myself today either!  #imAproudFeminist.  lol.  You can click here and see how sneaker sales are up, while stiletto sales are actually down.

ICYMI: Did you meet Jaime, my Pet Of The Week?  This 4 year old pitbull mix has one of the most beautiful silver colors I have ever seen in my life.  You can meet her by clicking here.

***also, I received some nice, positive feedback on my weekend with Awesome Girlfriend Megan and her Awesome Daughters ---- plus my Throwback picture with Maroon 5's Adam Levine.  You can see that fun clicking here.

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