My St. Pats Weekend In A Ton Of Fun Pictures...

Talk about an action packed weekend!  Awesome Girlfriend Megan and I went back home to Boston for Saint Patrick's Day Weekend.  St. Pats Day in Boston is basically a major holiday.  For me, St. Patrick's Day isn't just about celebrating our Irish ancestry but also a rite of spring.  Everyone's tired of winter and ready for spring!

Awesome Girlfriend Megan and I drove up Friday night and relaxed with my parents, Madre and Padre, and Wicked Awesome Sistawh Suzanne.  Saturday I was originally going to hang out with one of my good buddies, but that fell through.  All good, I'll try to see him next time.  Then once Plan A fell through, I came up with Plan B.  I wanted to take Meg out for a well poured Guinness.  There is a challenging, proper system that comes with pouring the perfect pint of Guinness.  I've turned Meg into quite the little Guinness snob/elitist.  I knew this irish pub near my parents house would not disappoint.  By 11:30 Saturday morning, an irish band of kind, older gentleman was rocking in full force.  Meg, who used to be shy when I first met her almost 2 years ago, gained the courage to approach them and make a request.  She asked them to play The Unicorn Song, which was a favorite of Meg's along with her late Dad, and Meg's siblings.  Within minutes, the band was happy to oblige and even did choreography that matches this 1960s gem.  Seeing Meg smile and almost in tears made my weekend.  Nothing beats that for me.  After the song was over, she hugged me tight and said "You made my Saint Patrick's Day the best ever, and it's only 11:45am on Saturday!"  Boyfriend win!

Saturday afternoon: PARTY TIME!  Every year my parents throw a huge party, where we get anywhere from 20-45 people all over our house.  Padre cooks up over 20+ pounds of corned beef.  We even special ordered a keg of Smithwicks, straight from Ireland!  Just over ten years ago, my family converted our basement into a glorified sports bar, which we named "The Allan Tavern."  We always live, love, and laugh.  Amazing time getting to spend with my family and friends.  Awesome Girlfriend Megan is not only part of my family, I'm quite confident they like her more than me, LOL.  

Sunday, the sad drive back.  We have an amazing life here in Jersey, with so many wonderful friends.  That being said, I still tear up every single time I ever leave my parents.  They've always been my best friends.  I'm truly blessed.  Right before leaving, my boy Nate texts me.  I was honored to be in his wedding this past November, and he and his wife Lauren (still new and fun for me to call her that) invited Meg and I to see them for a beer on our way back from Boston to Jersey, with Danbury being right on our way.  In just under an hour, they had us smiling nonstop and laughing so hard.  They are those friends who just know how to make you smile.  I met Nate while we were coworkers at one of my old Boston radio stations, never believing that we'd turn into best friends and 13 years later I would be a Groomsmen in his wedding.  Meg and I hope he officiates ours, in 3-6 short years. :)  

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