Vernon Evicting Legends Residents, Eyeing Future..

I find this ongoing situation compelling.  Legends, formerly The Playboy Club, is currently quite the eyesore in Vernon.  When you see it in person after hearing stories about its beautiful past as recently as 20 years ago, this can be just simply heartbreaking.  There are reportedly approximately 40 residents still living there, which is tough to comprehend when you see Legends in person.  You can see this phenomenal article in The New Jersey Herald by clicking here.  Fantastic job by them.  

Once the Vernon residents are evicted, then the next phase of this appears to be pitching our area to potential investors.  When I visited Legends last spring, the views were absolutely gorgeous.  They're right beside The Great Gorge Golf Course, and you can see beautiful views of the mountain in Vernon where I live.  Ironically, from where I live at the Great Gorge Village Condos in Vernon, my view of Legends is pretty decent this time of year (until the trees grow their leaves again.)  I have always felt there is enormous potential for something to be built at that Legends site, just not sure exactly what.  Is an upscale hotel and convention center the best answer?  More apartments?  The debate continues as to what will be best for Sussex County at Legends.  We do also have LegoLand opening in 2020 in neighboring New York which figures to be a major travel destination.  Since Vernon likely will be a tourism dependent area for quite some time, is another hotel the best solution?  

I don't know what the best solution is, but the prospect of Legends being turned into something new and beautiful is very exciting for me!  I'm a fan of more fun, new options as opposed to less.  The views from Legends really are absolutely gorgeous, and I feel that site has amazing potential.  

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