Ways Women Test Men, And Beer Yoga!

I am not a fan of this!  Ways that women admit to "testing men," early on in dating.  I do admit that if the guy doesn't want to pay on the first date, even in 2018, this can absolutely be a red flag.  Then after the first date, I'm all for equal partnerships.  Some of these ladies are either crazy or have too much time on their hands.  Are there really women out there fake breaking it off to see if the guy will fight for her early on?  Who has time for all of this nonsense?  I have ALWAYS been anti-games.  Either you're into someone, or you're not.  It's that simple!  You can see these crazy tests that some women are confessing to by clicking here.

5 ways to have a healthier Easter Sunday!  Maintaining your normal breakfast routine might not be possible during the holiday weekend, but trying to keep moving as much as possible could help.  You can click here to see those tips.

I have set this week as my goal to start venturing into Yoga.  Many have told me that this could be the ultimate thing to help my chronic back issues I have had for the past year and a half that has been preventing me from running.  Talk about synchronicity ---- beer and yoga?!?!  Sign me up!  You can see more about this great movement by clicking here.


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