Willowbrook Mall Easter Bunny Falls Asleep!

Talk about an unfortunate horror story startling kids!  The Easter Bunny at Willowbrook Mall apparently was having a rough day, and was caught sleeping on the job.  First the Easter Bunny took a break, then seemingly kept falling in and out of sleep after the break.  Yikes!  Hopefully the Easter Bunny is okay and rested up, with kids being so excited for Easter Sunday.  It must be the pressure of having to be everywhere all over the place this week leading up to our big weekend that tired out the poor Easter Bunny.  You can click here and see the Mom's first hand account.

This is all over the news, doctors can now prescribe medical marijuana in New Jersey.  Doctors can reportedly prescribe it for chronic pain, anxiety, etc.  This topic has been debated for years, and is often mentioned in part of the opioid crisis issue.  When we did our first ever Opioid Epidemic Town Hall on all three of our radio stations in January, this exact issue was debated.  Some support, and some are opposed.  You can click here pros and cons by clicking here.

Labrador Retrievers are the most popular breed again?  I have had many Labs on my show for Pet Of The Week, and this is not surprising.  Labs tend to be so playful and fun!  I'm shocked that Pugs didn't even make the top 10?  For real?  You can click here and see the top ten most popular doggy breeds.

By the way, speaking of my Pet Of The Week, you can see our pups looking for their new families by clicking here.

5 Tips on dyeing Easter Eggs.  This is something I definitely do not miss from being a kid.  I HATE THE SMELL OF VINEGAR!!!  UGH.  I feel like that vinegar stench takes many, many rinse cycles to wash off of you.  If you're stuck dyeing Easter Eggs this weekend, #1, please accept my thoughts and prayers, #2, enjoy these life hacks by clicking here.


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