Carbon Monoxide Issues On Our School Buses?

A Sparta school bus is being checked after a 9 year old boy had carbon monoxide poisoning.  Yikes!  This investigation will be very interesting.  We always want our kids to be in the safest situations possible.  They thought that he had the flu, but then his carbon monoxide levels were reportedly triple what they should be?  Wow!  This was en route to Helen Morgan School.  To be fair, only one student out of everyone on the bus has been impacted to our knowledge so far.  The Sparta school department appears to be taking this very seriously, although parents are wondering why they haven't been notified of this situation yet.  You can see more about this scary story by clicking here.

Helping you get better mornings in 5 minutes or less!  Drinking a glass of ice cold water when you wake up really does give your metabolism a major boost, plus we're so dehydrated when waking up from sleeping for a few hours.  Starting with positive intentions they're saying can make a big difference.  Maybe I'll save positive quotes on my phone and read those when I wake up in the morning?  You can click right here to see the tips on how you can get more energy in the morning.

Are taking photos on our smartphones hurting or altering memories?  I say NO, unless you're always in your phone too much.  While I'm fairly active on social media, where you can (Cheap Plug Alert,) follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter: @SteveAllanRadio, it's important to not chronicle everything on your phone at that exact time.  There are many times where I'll capture the beautiful moment, but then actually post it hours later so our moment isn't diminished.  I believe the kids refer to that as #LaterGram, LOL.  I will say Smartphones can impact our memories for sure.  I don't even know Awesome Girlfriend Megan's phone number off the top of my head.  Meg actually keeps a paper note of phone numbers for me and her Awesome Daughters.  I think that's a strong idea ---- you might see me carrying around one of those soon.  You can see more about that by clicking here.

They have come up with a list of the Top 10 most popular places to make your engagement proposal!  Disney makes the list not once, but twice?  These popular landmarks all make a bunch of sense to me.  That being said, my proposal plan for Awesome Girlfriend Megan which I hope to execute in 1-3 years, will not be at any of these top 10 locations.  You can click here and see that list.

By the way, have you met my latest Pet Of The Week, Craig?  This Pitbull is full of so much love, energy, and muscle!!!  You can see his adorable pictures by clicking here.  You can always see my rescued Pets Of The Week, looking for their new families, going to, keyword: Pet.

OH AND BY THE WAY....this is your annual Public Service Announcement on my behalf to remind you...that PEEPS ARE GROSS!  #EwwwGross!!!!

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