NJ Police Starting Statewide Crackdown Sunday

New Jersey Police Departments are starting a statewide major crackdown on texting while driving Sunday.  They're calling it “UDrive. UText. UPay.”  Clever name, right?  Franklin Police first alerted us on the crackdown earlier this week, and now we're learning the statewide participants in this mission to provide safer roads.  While I'm far from perfect, both Awesome Girlfriend Megan and I have cut back big time over texting while driving these past couple of years.  We try to call each other on blue tooth hands free phones whenever possible.  Recently, when Awesome Girlfriend Megan was stuck borrowing one of her Awesome Daughter's cars, we temporarily lost blue tooth capability.  Not being able to talk on the phone with her while driving was ROUGH!  #1stWorldProbz, right?  LOL.  Definitely a first world problem, I'm aware.  We're learning of this texting while driving crackdown starting Sunday happening in Franklin, Andover, Hopatcong, Hamburg, and Vernon.  Sussex County will be well represented during this distracted driving crackdown.  Be aware, and be safe.  Good luck.  You can see more about the grant program which started this by clicking here.


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