10 Ways To Get Healthier If You Hate Working Out

The headline had me really excited when I thought it read "10 ways to get healthier without working out."  I was wrong, it's "10 ways to get healthy if you hate working out."  Okay, so we can only cheat our way on this so much, but still there are good, doable tips in here.  Their top tip is drinking water, which I have always championed.  I even have Steve Andrews drinking more water, and he's hooked.  Studies have shown for years that water helps with digestion, our skin, ridding our bodies of toxins, etc.  I learned in college that drinking ice cold water speeds up our metabolism so much, that it's basically burning 25 calories with each glass.  BOOM!  I love their enthusiasm for a meatless Monday, but for me that's rather unrealistic.  I'm a full fledged carnivore, sorry!  Walking while talking is something I do on a daily basis, and it definitely helps.  As far as liking to drink smoothies, um...maybe someday?  LOL.  You can see the 10 tips for getting healthier even if you hate working out by clicking here.

Sunday, New Jersey Police started their statewide crackdown on distracted driving.  They're targeting texting while driving all over Sussex County, and beyond.  You can see my earlier coverage on this by clicking here.

Eerie Insurance has released a study saying that the biggest distracting driving issue isn't texting, but rather daydreaming.  You can click here and see the rest of their study showcasing the many ways we can be distracted while driving.

Is Fifty Shades Of Grey impacting baby names?  Apparently Christian is declining rapidly.  After sitting through that Trilogy, I can't blame them at all!  Also, Felicia due to the "Bye Felicia," movement which has been happening for years.  You can click here to see the declining list of baby names, because heaven forbid you pick a name that isn't popular nor trendy, right?  


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