Rutgers Gets PayPal CEO For Commencement

Woohoo let's go RU!  Rutgers University is having PayPal's Chief Executive Officer Dan Schulman speak at their graduation ceremony in Piscataway May 13th and I'm psyched.  Schulman has several direct, personal ties to RU and Fortune has ranked him as a Top 10 CEO!  You can see more about this by clicking here.  

Full disclosure, aside from my Bridgewater State University in Massachusetts, Rutgers is my favorite school.  Awesome Girlfriend Megan went to school there, works in their Foundation Department, and 2 of her 3 Awesome Daughters attend RU.  I see the bright red R in my sleep.  For me, it's also a perfect fit because of the Patriots ties to Rutgers.  Bill Belichick's son Steven attended, even called it the best school in America!  Several RU alumni are on my Patriots such as Devin McCourty, Jason McCourty, Duran Harmon, and Kenny Britt.  Remember the Patriots vs Falcons Super Bowl?  RU had more players than any other school.  Let's go RU clap clap clap clap clap!

Forbes has a list of 10 things to never put in a company e-mail.  To me most of these seem pretty obvious, but it doesn't hurt to be extra careful.  Like they say, if you wouldn't want the leaders of your company to see what you have written --- DON'T WRITE IT!  Tone can often be mistook in e-mails creating unnecessary issues and headaches.  You can click here and see their tips.

Are you accidentally making toxic relationship habits that some think are healthy?  These are some good tips on this you may want to avoid, such as spending too much time together.  That being said, a lot of these tips I can honestly take or leave.  I'm in pretty heavy communication with Awesome Girlfriend Megan --- and she still puts up with me!  I get that you don't need to announce your every single move to each other, but what's wrong with saying HI to each other and brightening up their their day?  I'm not saying go all Police "Every Breath You Take, I'll be watching you," on each other.  Both balance and boundaries are important.  For me patience is the most important thing, fortunately so far (knock on wood,) Meg has a ton of that!!!  I do like their tip on not keeping score, especially because Meg would likely be kicking my tail in that, lol.  You can see the habits by clicking here.

3 ways you could be making your allergies even worse!  Boo Hiss Boo Hiss!  My eyes are feeling heavy today and I'm a little groggy --- apparently allergies are popping up for my friends left and right.  Apparently we can't hide inside away from allergies either --- yuck!  You can click here and see these tips.



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